Privacy Policy


For CONFECCIONES TERESSE SAS your data and its treatment are very important and the supply of these will have the purpose of developing the activities of the corporate purpose, and especially, the production, elaboration, confection, distribution, sale and in general, the trade of products, merchandise and articles for the personal use of women, such as: underwear in the national and international market.

These data will be used to make optimal communication with the offer of our products, promotions, outstanding events, own points of sale, social networks, website, marketing activities, promotion, advertising, as well as any commercial information of interest related to our products.

We evaluate the quality of our products and services through customer satisfaction surveys and carry out studies on consumption habits, preferences, purchasing interests and product testing.

Te contactaremos a través de (mailing, whatsapp, sms, redes sociales y página web) con los datos suministrados. Estos datos podrán ser tratados de manera segura. Puedes informarte sobre las políticas de protección de datos de CONFECCIONES TERESSE S.A.S y conocer, actualizar, rectificar y/o solicitar el retiro de tus datos a través de cualquiera de nuestros medios como: el correo electrónico línea de servicio al cliente 315 709 89 67 o comunicándose a la línea telefónica (571) 371 02 52 o podrás dirigirte a la dirección Carrera 31 B No 1 B – 26 , Bogotá – Colombia.

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